2019 Global Petroleum Award Winner

“Innovation in Equipment”

Breakthrough Technology
Years of research and development lead to the creation of the most sophisticated cladding technology in the world...


Abrasion Resistance


Designed to withstand the harshest environments, UltraClad™ delivers jaw dropping test results for wear and hardness levels. UltraClad™ is capable of applying a variety of abrasion resistant alloys including various hybrids.

Corrosion Resistance


UltraClad™ technology offers the most corrosion resistant solutions, resulting in a longer lifespan of your piping systems.  UltraClad™ robotic machines apply the most advanced alloys, including Nickel (inconels, hastelloys), Stainless Steel (austenitic, duplex, super duplex) and Copper-Nickel (monels).


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