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On of the most significant technological breakthroughs to date was the launch of UltraClad™, the world’s first and only fully robotic cladding technology, operating in the continuous 1F welding position, capable of cladding any shape or size pipe. From elbows, bends, tees, laterals, y-laterals, nipples, crosses or any other type of geometry, the UltraClad™ robotic machines deliver the purest, most corrosion and wear resistant overlay on the market.

1F welding, which is referred to as the“downhand” position involves maintaining the welding torch in a horizontal direction, using gravity to its advantage, allowing the molten metal to draw downward, resulting in a faster and more precise weld. Any other weld position (e.g. 2F or 3F) has to contend with the force of gravity pushing the molten metal downward, which causes the weld to pile up. These methods used by the competition are referred to in the industry as “out of position” welding.

Furthermore, the UltraClad™ proprietary process involves synergic welding with cold metal transfer technology that delivers the coolest welding temperatures (<900°F), which results in the lowest dilution rates in the industry (<5%). As well, the UltraClad™ technology delivers finished product up to 5x faster and at a significant cost savings when compared to the competition.

While the competition applies weld overlay as if every pipe was perfectly round, UltraClad™ is the only weld overlay technology in the world that automatically makes real-time, on-the-fly adjustments to compensate for inconsistencies in a pipe’s geometry and ovality, ensuring the most accurate, purest and protective weld in the industry.​

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